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Military Relocation / BAH Rates 2017 BAH RATES - Ft. Jackson, SC
If you qualify to live off post and choose to do so you will receive a basic allowance for housing (BAH). This pay is to help cover some of the cost associated with your off post housing.

You may use your BAH to either rent or purchase a home. the BAH rates for this installation effective Jan 1, 2017 are as follows:

Rank BAH w/o Dependent BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $1092 $1389
E-2 $1092 $1389
E-3 $1092 $1389
E-4 $1092 $1389
E-5 $1236 $1467
E-6 $1320 $1713
E-7 $1392 $1728
E-8 $1518 $1746
E-9 $1593 $1824
W-1 $1359 $1716
W-2 $1515 $1734
W-3 $1599 $17158
W-4 $1719 $1848
W-5 $1734 $1959
O-1E $1467 $1731
O-2E $1575 $1752
O-3E $1713 $1866
O-1 $1308 $1494
O-2 $1440 $1710
O-3 $1626 $1755
O-4 $1731 $2001
O-5 $1740 $2178
O-6 $1755 $2199
O-7 $1791 $2220

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